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Vanilla Kush CBD is a superb earthy vanilla CBD rich hemp flower, with hints of delicious Vanilla.

Organically grown indoors in Europe under strict EU laws, these CBD Flowers are rich in CBD and THC levels fall below 0.2%.

Hemp can produce high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC.

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3 reviews for Harlequin

  1. Sharon Schnoll

    Product arrived quickly and it relaxes very well

  2. Silvester

    Quality is perfect. Thank you hempifarm

  3. webmaster (store manager)

    Best CBD company in Europe. Thank you Vanilla kush was good just as expected

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Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower Online

Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower Online .The cannabis strain Harlequin is a sativa that bares an earthy, sweet mango-like smell and taste. It can either/also be woody/piney. Its buds are a dark green with dark red hairs when ready for harvest.

The parent strains of Harlequin are three sativas:  Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Sativa.

Thought its THC content is low, averaging between 5-10%, it’s mostly renowned for its CBD content which can sometimes reach up to 11%. It makes this strain a perfect choice for medical users.

However, this is also a good strain for novice consumers as it likely uplift one’s mood, relieve aches and pains. All while keeping paranoia at bay since CBD is known to counter-act THC’s paranoia inducing effects.

Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower Online high CBD strain

This strain is a good choice for novice growers, being easy to cultivate within 60-70 days. It’s not recommended to over extend the flowering period, for it will reduce the potency of the CBD content. Harlequin plants do become quite dense, its colas needing support closer to harvest time.

Harlequin Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Harlequin marijuana contains a pleasant aroma. Its filled with notes of hearty earthiness that is pungent, but still not overwhelming. Additionally, the scent hints at notes of citrus and mango. Setting off the senses as they preparing for some fruity deliciousness.

The flavor itself is less sweet, instead featuring spicy and herbal notes that melt into woodsy undertones. The buds are beautiful appearance wise. They have yellowish green sugar leaves and bright brassy orange pistils that curl throughout the flower. Serves as a gorgeous juxtaposition to the vibrant green.

Harlequin Hemp Flower

Harlequin Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Harlequin hemp flower is a wonderful option for a variety of marijuana growers. Whether you plan to cultivate it commercially, as a career, or for personal use. Even beginning growers can take an attempt at this strain, because it offers a moderate to large yield. With just basic cannabis care efforts needed to be taken.

This plant enjoys both indoors and outdoors conditions. It is vital to regulate the humidity levels in order to ensure the results desired. The ideal outdoor climate is warm but not hot, with a humidity at around 50%.

Indoors, hydroponics and soil growth can both work well. Hydroponics the humidity may become slightly more challenging to control and regulate. Soil is a less maintenance option Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower

Harlequin Hemp Flower

The flowering period of Harlequin is around 8-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around mid-October. When the crop is ready for harvest, you will notice a visible layer of crystal trichomes on the buds. Outdoor yields typically range around 21 ounces per plant, and indoor yields at around 25 ounces per meter squared.

The plant is naturally pest resistant, aside from the possible mold or powdery mildew that can arise because of the crops dense bud structure. Check the plants for these two problems regularly, but overall Harlequin seems to be a brilliant option for cultivators of all skill levels that desire a more CBD heavy cannabis strain Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower

Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower Online

Harlequin Effects

Harlequin’s effects are much more simple than most cannabis strains. It provides a light and clear headed high that brings about small surges of energy and focus.

Its psychoactive effects are not nearly as powerful as most marijuana strains, primarily because of its high CBD content that is actually greater than its THC.

For this reason, although Harlequin is a sativa, the CBD seems to balance out any anxious or paranoid energy typically felt with sativas. Furthermore, it is capable of helping the body to relax and unwind, but will not cause you to fall asleep or become drowsy Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower

This makes it particularly popular amongst patients that need relief from medical situations, but don’t want to be dysfunctional throughout the day Buy Harlequin Hemp Flower Online

Harlequin Hemp Flower

Medical Benefits of the Cannabis Strain Harlequin

Buy Harlequin Hemp Online. It seems to patients and medical cannabis practitioners that the list of medical benefits Harlequin can provide is often just too long to all be explained. That is why this cannabis strain receives so many rave consumer reviews, in addition to being one of the first cannabis strains bred specifically for people with serious medical problems.

In this Harlequin strain review, we will just be skimming the surface of its benefits, which range from mental to physical. Physically, individuals with chronic pain, migraines, inflammation, arthritis and fatigue can all find relief from Harlequin marijuana, although a greater than average dose may be in order to experience the full relief and benefits.

If you can find them, try and search for edibles, concentrates or an alternative to smoking so you can receive a larger dose. Mentally, depression, anxiety, stress and worries can all melt away with the help of Harlequin, but sticking to an average or comfortable dose may be a wise idea just to be on the safe side.